Tuesday, December 4, 2018

NEWSLETTER                                                                             DECEMBER 2018

With the end of year in sight, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the events that shaped 2018.
We thank each and every one of you for the continued support during this year.
2018 was a challenging year, the poor performance of the JSE was a big disappointment in particular.

We expect that 2019 will still be volatile up and till the General Election and that the Economy and Markets will improve after that. Recent events, like the investment conference held in October where South Africa secured R290 billion in investment announcements, shows our government is commited in growing the economy.

We are grateful for our family business and all our clients and associates. As a family business we are committed to help each and every client reach their financial goals by conducting a comprehensive financial needs analysis that will firstly help identify their goals and secondly compile a plan that will put them on a path toward achieving these goals.


Rapid advancements in medical science has made it possible to detect and cure life-threatening diseases like cancer at an earlier stage. However, advanced treatments can be very expensive. For this reason, comprehensive illness cover is a necessity.
Approximately 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year. Many of these patients find themselves in financial difficulty as medical schemes often do not cover the full cost of the required medication and treatments. Severe Illness insurance provides cover for this short-fall at an affordable rate. During the year we have successfully submitted claims of clients that was diagnosed with a severe illness. It is noticeably clear that people are being diagnosed with severe illnesses at a younger age. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of this cover.
Our deepest condolences to those who are suffering from an illness, as well as those who have lost loved ones over the past year.

Most of us are aware of recent media coverage regarding a death claim that was rejected by Momentum life due to non-disclosure from the client about his medical history. It is for this reason that we put so much care into ensuring that all information is accurate during the application process to avoid any potential problems at claim stage.  We continuously strive to present the best possible product for each of our clients.

It is important that your life cover is reviewed annually. We encourage clients to stick to our annual appointment.
Contact us for more information regarding RISK COVER:


There are plenty of talk and many articles written about the short-fall South Africans face when saving for retirement.
It is of critical importance to review pre-retirement planning annually, and for pensioners to review their financial position to ensure sustained post-retirement income.

67% of people who resign have their retirement savings paid out. The consequences of this on retirement and tax liability can be catastrophic.
There are options available to preserve your Retirement savings when you resign.

It is of the utmost importance that you consult with a Financial Advisor when you resign or retire. We as advisors will present a comprehensive report to the client that clearly shows the position at retirement as well as any tax implications.

Still tempted to cash out your retirement savings? Read here the impact that cashing out can have on your retirement income.
Contact us for more information regarding RETIREMENT:


As mentioned above this year was extremely challenging with regards to the ALSI performance.

The JSE ALSI achieved -11.2% over a 1-year period from 29 Nov 2017 to 29 Nov 2018.
Over the same period all of our portfolios outperformed the market.

We make use of the best fund managers and have regular meetings with them to compile the best investment solutions for our clients.
Investment planning is the biggest single component in our practice, and for this reason we spend the most time on this subject.

It is important to build well diversified investment models to ensure that we stay in touch with every client’s long-term investment goals, and not to make emotional short-term investment decisions that can be very costly due to numerous factors.

In a recent article posted by IOL.co.za (24 Oct), it was again highlighted how a good financial advisor can add value to your portfolio when sound financial decision making is not based on emotional decisions: Research suggests that engaging with a trusted and qualified adviser and making the correct financial planning decisions can add 1.82% a year to a client’s returns over time, compared to someone without an adviser.”                        

Our revision appointments with our investment clients is important to us. During these appointments we discuss and offer insight into the investment world and conduct a re-balancing of the clients’ portfolio as required.
Our mission is still the creation and retention of wealth as well as protection against financial risks for each client:


It is important to review your insurance policy on an annual basis to ensure that you are sufficiently insured. With renewal please read the insurance summary and recommendations carefully. It is important to let us know if your contact details have changed.

Ask yourself the following key questions:
·         What is the replacement value of all your home contents?
·         Is your building insurance enough to replace your building at full value?
·         Have the security measurements for your car or home changed?
·         Have you recently added expensive items like laptops, cellphones, jewelry etc. to the items that you carry around with you daily?

For many entrepreneurs that run a business from home, the line between personal and business insurance becomes blurry. The reality is that businesses needs to have a business insurance policy to ensure they are covered for the risks that businesses face.

Think about the loss of stock due to theft or fire or the loss of essential equipment which can be devastating for small businesses. It is extremely important that a comprehensive needs analysis is done to ensure your business is properly covered against all possible risks. We recommend clients compile an inventory list annually and consult a professional to establish the true value of their content and buildings.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding premiums, service or general queries. We are commited to deliver excellent service to you and welcome any feedback. Please do contact us before changing to insurers promising lower premiums.

As a prefered partner to top insurers, we have access to higher discount mandates and can negotiate better rates on behalf of our clients.

For after hour enquiries or emergencies: (Be sure to have your policy or I.D number at hand when calling)

OM Insure
Tel: 0861 247 365               Claims, Emergencies, Swiftcare, Roadside assistance, Home assistance and Medical emergencies. Swiftcare has also recently launched an app that can be used in case of emergencies. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to install the swiftcare app.
Tel: 0860 637 373                General Enquiries like adding or removing items to your policy and all other changes.

Tel: 0860 505 911               Claims, Emergencies, Roadside assistance, Home assistance and Medical emergencies. Santam also has a mobile app. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to install the Santam app.
Tel: 0860 726 826                General Enquiries like adding or removing items to your policy and all other changes.

Auto & General                                  
Tel: 021 527 8666                Claims, enquiries or changes to policy.
Contact us if you would like to REVIEW or REQUEST changes to your insurance policy.
Tel: 0860 104 210                After-hours emergencies.


Our compliance is still done by Masthead (The biggest Network of Independent Financial Advisors). We are proud that our compliance is up to date and we received a healthy quarterly audit. Thank you to everyone at Masthead who ensures that we are 100% compliant with regulations. We would also like to thank the various legal experts who we can always count on for your expert advice.


We are planning to re-design our Company Logo next year and to update our website. We encourage everyone to like our Facebook page as we often post valuable information to this page. Click here to visit our Facebook page


An effective succession plan is a requirement from the FSB. Our succession plan is fully accepted by the FSB. Antoni and Marco are already 100% involved with all aspects of the business to ensure that all business aspects will continue as normal if Toni and/or Elmarie weren’t working anymore. We are planning to introduce Antoni and Marco to the clients whom haven’t met them yet next year.


It was with great sadness we had to say goodbye to Tannie Sarie who passed away earlier this year. She was a client for more than 20 years and we will miss her immensely. 
Some of our younger clients have earned a scholarship. Congratulations, we are extremely proud of you.


SARS has requested a lot of audits on true medical expenses this year. Medical expenses, not reflecting on the medical aid certificate, was regularly questioned. SARS has become increasingly strict in accepting claims. Audits have also taken on average 30 working days to complete. We are firstly financial advisors, and tax is only done to complement the advice given. We can therefore submit taxes successfully but can’t guarantee or speed up any claims.


Our success in the practice is determined solely by the support of our clients. We are humbled by this and would like to sincerely thank all our clients for your continued support. Welcome to all our new clients who have joined this year.

We kindly request clients to contact the office directly, to ensure the request is handled in a timely matter. If the advisor is out of the office, it is not always possible to answer requests efficiently and in a timely matter.

2018 was a busy year and we look forward to the time off. We are excited for what 2019 may hold.

The office will close on Thursday 20 December and re-open on Monday 7 January 2019. We have our year-end function on Friday 14 December and won’t be available from 12:00. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Kind Regards from all of us at Toni van Zyl Financial Services
Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! Travel safely and enjoy this special time with loved ones.

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